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‘1000 days abroad’ reflections

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This weekend I celebrate my three years since I first arrived to Spain for a living. I feel  like it was yesterday when I lost the way to the office three times before I got there on the second day, and the green and nervious I was. I also feel like I have never spent so much time in one place, apart from home. And this is a good reason to make an exercise to think over those exactly 1097 days. 1097 in a glimpse of an eye!

Here we go! New chapter. Gruszka is moving again. New country, new life, new people, new culture, new language. The sea of new observations. That’s what most she likes.

I am a careful observer. However still I need to watch pictures to truly realize how much the life around me is changing. I’ve watched hundreds of pictures today and I smiled few more hundreds. Because there are people, cities, houses, dishes, coffees, smells… those most important that are always the same. There is an untold magic in the simplest moments and pleasures with those people who never change, that it sometimes squeezes your throat of the magic you feel. This is what I call happiness. And luck. And this is what deserves any effort to be well cultivated, no matter where you are.

So along years you keep adding those special people and moments to your “first-class box” and trying to take care of them in the way life lets you to do so. And then you discover why you feel that you are constantly changing. It’s because, in fact, you are not made of yourself. You are made of the little pieces of those people and what you have learnt from them. You are made of their histories, of your histories, new sensations and new passions. And also of those not such a good friends, not such a legal landlords and not such a beautiful love stories. I try not to misprice them ever. Those are the best life teachers and they are all part of who I am.

If you want to live an intensive life, with your name and surname on it, you need to be ready to receive all type of situations with the arms wide open.
Sometimes I need to cry out the river first to realize once again that it’s good if it’s not so easy and that, at the end of the day, the things depend on me. So then I smile, or even laugh over myself, and make a little step. Little step towards being a bit more patient.

Nevertheless what brought me up to here are the constant curiosity and the abundance of emotions, hopes and dreams I have inside, and the desire for more, for unknown.
I am not scared of new, of making suitcases. I am not that type of person who likes to be too comfortable. Don’t ask me why. It’s just those butterflies in your stomach that makes you not to look back once you make a decision.

1097 days. In front of my window the same palm tree is waving to me. I feel that we are both happy and kind of friends. But she can’t move. So I keep bringing her new stories, as friends do. Because I can. And because life is for a living.


la Grusky.



6 responses to “‘1000 days abroad’ reflections”

  1. Angie Mira Avatar
    Angie Mira

    Tremenda reflexión, me ha encantado amiga. Qué emocionante leerte siempre, y qué alegría saber que yo también formo parte de estos 1097 y próximos días.
    Eres grande.


    1. lagrusky Avatar

      Alegría la mía Angie! Gracias por las palabras! xXx


  2. Vicente Enguita Avatar
    Vicente Enguita

    1097 days seeing you every day, every week are a wonderful present. I look forward for, at least, another 3485859593 more days. We all do feel very lucky of having you around Grusky. Kiss.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lagrusky Avatar

      I would even say that I will be around if you want it or not 😀 Milion thanks, as always, my kindest friend!


  3. Fatima Avatar

    It’s been almost 5 years since the last time we saw each other. We used to live together in Salford and smoke cigarettes at the door. Now, while on an airport waiting for a flight to what will be my new home for a while, a very far away sweating hot place; I come to read this words. Somehow it made me feel in company. Thank you for that, good luck and prosperous next 1000 days!


    1. lagrusky Avatar

      Thanks to you Fatima for writing! Really happy to hear from you. Good luck in your next sweating far travel! xx


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